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Harry Winston's midnight big date.

I am a dreamer and he stares at the clear sky with optimism. A few times a day, the zero hour is more permanent than midnight. I looked up at the jeweled black canvas, marveling at its elegant majesty. Despite the cool air surrounding my body, the warmth of happiness permeates my soul.

Midnight is a snapshot of lovers and time, a brief embrace of history and the future. The wristwatch combines classicism with modern style and is properly named.

Not surprisingly, harry Winston chose to use the word "midnight" in a series of handsome timetables. Harry Winston's name is synonymous with the essence of the elegant and timeless midnight hour.Replica Richard Mille RM 016 Ti Titalyt watch

At a glance, it is clear that the watch has many metaphors for nocturnal life.

Silver or black dial, the latter is my focus. Hours and minutes are on the circular sub-dial below noon. White gold, diamond-shaped hands give hours and minutes against the snails' background. A simple white mark, an economic representation of minutes.

Surrounded by the small round surface is an egg-shaped satin ring, "distributed" at 12 o 'clock. The hour is marked with Arabic numerals, rendered in platinum, except for the 3,6 and 9 points of the baton. At noon, the HW logo proudly displays. The happy details are the sunny themes in the chapter; It directs the eye to the fulcrum of hours and minutes.

The remaining areas of the dial show concentric lines in black. They are the noble fruits of the guillocheurs technique. Like rippling waters, they use sodium lamps to illuminate street Hublot BIG BANG SANG Replica Watches

On the south side of the dial is a large date, which is presented by two apertures in another small dial. This overlaps with the aforementioned satin finish and is similar to the Venn diagram. There is a small diamond on the small dial, above the date. It reminds the wearer that the watch is from Harry Winston, a famous man carrying a loose gem in his pocket, purely for the sheer pleasure of rolling it between his fingers.

42mm case diameter is suitable for a wide range of potential wearers. Although the watch has rose gold to choose from, I prefer the platinum style. It's cool, low-key and very sophisticated.

All surfaces of the case, including the speaker, bezel, strap, and bottom are highly polished. Only one obvious area is the golden satin brush, which is the iconic harry Winston arched around the crown.

The strap is close to the strap and pulls on the earrings. There is very little clearance, not too much daylight peeping between the case and the strap. This provides a neat, neat appearance, comfortable sitting in my obsessive-compulsive disorder.

This watch won't shrink. Its case has a diameter of 47 mm and a height of 21.7 mm. For those with small wrists, it can be very big, but on my average arm it will find a welcome home.

The case is made of 18 carat polished platinum. Strap on the arch crown and adjacent Winston, table ear before harry Winston used materials Zalium ™, in order to benefit from the Marine sports timing clock limited edition beautiful effect. The zirconium base alloy is unique to the "jeweler to the stars" brand. It is lighter than titanium and corrosion resistant.

Breguet will be satisfied with the treatment of balancer. It has the phillips curve, which is the development of breguet's excessive winding. It ensures that the wheel spring is optimized to show superior isochronism.

The whole core consists of 345 parts, of which 134 are made up of tour-flywheels. Although I know I'm repeating myself, this is something I've been doing for the last few years, just take a moment to think about the overall quality of all 134 components. It weighs only 1.57 grams. This provides the unparalleled microscopic mechanics shown by Harry Winston.

Modernity does not come at the expense of traditional technology in modeling and breakthrough clocks. Although the bridge and the motherboard are treated with titanium and PVD, they have manual reversals, which is a skill for craftsmen. The column is made of titanium and has a circular texture. The immaculate followers can rest assured that this is a beautifully crafted machine.

I have mentioned the tourbillon in the beginning of the article. But I want to go back to the three carriages because they deserve special mention. The inner bracket containing the cycloid and escapement pinion completes a complete rotation every 45 seconds. The intermediate bracket performs a similar feat every 75 seconds, and the external bracket has a cycle of 300 seconds. The following loop is shown on the scale surrounding the tour-flywheel cage.

The detailed description of the hour is soon familiar, and it is clearly a brilliant intellectual effort that takes hours to serve its grand form of subtlety.

Harry Winston said in his news package that more than 3,500 hours had been spent on its development. In addition, 160 working hours were required before Calibre HW4501 was assembled.

I accept that the bold, avant-garde look of Harry Winston Histoire DE Tourbillon 4 May not be everyone's taste. Whenever you push boundaries, it is more likely to deprive some potential buyers of options. However, I commend harry Winston for his bravery and the new way to express his time and embrace the blue sky thinking with the triple tuo system.nice Replica Harry Winston Watches

The technical specification

Model: Harry Winston Histoire DE Tourbillon 4.

Reference: HCOMDT47WZ001

Case: 18 k white gold and Zalium ™ strap, watchcase, table, table ear and the tourbillon watch circle use DLC processing; Diameter of 47.00 mm; Height 21.70 mm; Waterproof 3 bar (30 meters); Before and after sapphire crystal.

Function: hour; Minutes; A 300 second instruction on the tourbillon; Power reserve index

Machine core: HW4501 machine core; Manual wind; Frequency 21,600 VPH (3Hz); 59 stones; 50 hours of power reserve; 345 copies.

Watch strap: black handmade crocodile leather strap, with 18K platinum double clasp.

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