Why should students avoid heavy usage of credit cards?


Date & time Mar 17 '21
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On a college campus, it is very easy for credit card companies to find people who are low on cash. After all, most students live on a tight budget due to the heavy college expenses. Hence, this is where credit card companies advertise their services.


Students should however, avoid heavy usage of credit cards as it can make them go on a debt pretty easily. College students have a range of different expenses. For example, they spend money in order to take dissertation help from services such as http://bestdissertationfromemily.blogspot.com/2016/04/uk-dissertationcom-review.html, and for their text books. Apart from that, excessive partying outside and spending all the money on recreational stuff is an addiction for many students. For such students, it is very difficult to control the urge of buying almost everything they lay their eyes on. Those who have limited money in their pockets however, resist that urge. On the other hand, those who have the option of using a credit card fail to stop themselves. As a consequence of heavy spending, they end up on debt without even realizing it until it begins crushing them mentally.


Hence, students must not use credit cards if they are low on cash, for the peace of their minds. After all, being on a debt is one of the stress-inducing factors in college life.

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