Do not starve yourself in college


Date & time Oct 16 '20
Creator Jack Donovan

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Do not get so busy in your college life that you start to skip your meals. If you are not grabbing at least 3 meals a day, then you are surely putting your health at risk. Do you know if your body does not support you, you cannot do anything, let alone performing well in academics?


Students, who do not eat breakfast before going to college, have a lazy day at the college. They are either just napping in the lectures, or just passing time here and there. As a student, you should put your health at first. Only your health can help you to perform better at college, without it nothing is possible. Students, who starve themselves every now and then, find it extremely difficult to deliver a custom urgent essay. Our brain stops to produce ideas when it is not getting enough blood sent to it. Your body will start to function in a very weird way if you will only have 1 or 2 meals in a day.


Students should make sure that breakfast is the most nutritious meal of the day. This will allow them to be active and alert throughout the day which is what will help them to focus on their studies. When students will be able to pay attention to their studies, they will work on their assignments with ease.

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