Procrastination is a difficult thing to avoid in college life


Date & time Mar 13 '22
New York, NY
Creator Lydia Alexander

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One of the most difficult things to deal with in college life is procrastination. Almost every student procrastinates at least to a certain extent. However, the most successful students either do it very less or do not procrastinate at all.


Well, every student wishes to get over procrastination because they all recognize its harmful effects on their academics and life in general. Despite having regrets, it gets very difficult for most students to get over it. Even those students who have tough pending tasks such as a research paper, keep delaying it unless they run out of useful time. This does a lot of harm to students. So students must try their best to kick it off fully. To do this, students should understand the value of time and they should keep reminding it to themselves. Moreover, sometimes it is also about priorities. If a student considers rest and relaxation to be his/her priority then procrastination is almost impossible to avoid. So students should consider the importance of their pending tasks and should put in all their energy to make academic ends meet.


In the beginning, procrastination is difficult to give up on. However, once a student becomes determined enough then it does not remain a part of life anymore.

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